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What do Covid-19 Tier Restrictions Mean if I Want to Move My Home

What do Covid-19 Tier Restrictions Mean if I Want to Move My Home

The UK government issued new restriction recommendations for its citizens. These measures aim to help prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-19 virus through the general population. However, these restrictions do not inhibit all movement and activities. Here is the list of all four tiers and the restrictions associated with them. Have in mind this article is intended for people that want to buy a new home or move during the pandemic.

Tier 1: Medium Alert

In tier 1 regions all businesses and places of worship are allowed to operate in a COVID-19 secure way. That implies that people have to follow social distancing rules and wear adequate protection.

As for the real estate market, there are no major restrictions in this regard. You are allowed to view properties, estate agents will remain open, and you can move your house. You just have to abide by the basic measures for COVID-19 and all your activities, in regards to your property sale and move, can presume normally. 

Tier 2: High Alert

For tier 2 the regulations are the same as for tier 1, with some additional rules. This tier is attributed to regions where the infection spread rate is high. People living in these regions are not allowed to meet with people outside of their homes or take part in public activities.

As for the real estate matters, you can view properties if you follow social distancing rules, and open house viewings are not allowed. Estate agents are also open in this tier group. However, they are often recommended to work from home, so check with your agent before you make them a visit. Finally, you can also move your house.

Tier 3: Very High Alert

This tier is reserved for locations where the spread rate is extremely high. General movement is restricted and people are not allowed to gather in closed spaces. This rule does not apply to parks and people are allowed to meet in such open spaces, but no more than 6 individuals. However, the general recommendation for tier 3 inhabitants is to limit their movement as much as possible.

As for the real estate market, the rules are the same as with the previous two tiers. You can go to a home viewing, visit the estate agent, and move your home. However, as you do this observe all the rules of social distancing, make sure you are protected and don’t arrange situations that will have a crowd of people in the same room.

Tier 4: Stay at Home

Tier 4 is reserved for critical areas in the UK. The restrictions for these areas recommend little or no movement. That is, people are recommended to stay in homes with their family or support bubbles. Also, gatherings both inside and outside are not permitted and people can meet in parks only one on one.

Now, the rules for real estate viewings and sales remain the same. The UK government allows all business on the real estate market to continue normally. That means that all tiers have more or less the same rules when it comes to property views. However, you should have in mind that each tier is in a sense a higher recommendation for people to work from home. If you live in tier 4, you might find it difficult to visit properties or go to the estate agent because of all the general restrictions. Also, if you are in this tier maybe you should wait for the situation to pass before you do anything. But if you cannot postpone your plans you can move the property. 


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