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Viva la Evolución ! by Charles Hambley

Viva la Evolución ! by Charles Hambley

Estate agency is currently going through the most radical evolution in decades. Some will say it’s well overdue. We definitely agree!

Thankfully we knocked the stereotypical hard sell on the head years back.

We’ve been customer-centric and focused on you guys for a while now.

We don’t just work for our vendor, we work for both parties. We understand that without nurturing your buyer there’s No Deal.

Things to look out for that ought to be an instant turn off when choosing your sales professional…

  • Some agents will still suggest an unrealistically high price just to get your listing – please remember that although this appeals to our basic nature and is very alluring, this strategy does not work. Globally we have access to the internet, we can see what you paid for your home, what your neighbours paid, that along with the current market and how sellable your home defines the price. Our modern buyers are very shrewd you just won’t get viewings.
  • Ask them, what specifically, is different about the way they will market your property? How they will make your listing, your home stand out and the reasons behind what they suggest. Look at how their other listings present photos, description, spelling.
  • When it comes to fee, is the service they’re offering in line with the fee they’re commanding? Cost : Value ratio. I know some of the big boys can charge 3%+ for very little more in terms of marketing than say, your local independent experts.
  • Finally, you’re going to have to go with your gut and understand, you know if this person is the right fit for you and selling your home.

Back to this Evolution… 

Video has become more important over the last couple of years and in the last couple of weeks, it is the most important.

Virtual tours, that we’ve been producing on all our properties for the last couple of years, enable our clients to view properties during lockdown.

Video conferencing software zoom, GoToMeeting, Facetime and WhatsApp video calls, have become a daily/sometimes hourly occurrence, property sales are becoming more transparent, more real, more live and we welcome this with open arms.

Remember selling a property can be complicated and often emotional. The right sales professional will make this as painless as possible, maybe even enjoyable.

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