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So You’re buying your new home…

So You’re buying your new home…

What is important to you?
Is it the length of the lease? Is it the location? Is it what the vendor may take or perceived value? Is it predicted an increase in value in an up and coming area?
I understand, when you break it down to basics, when you’re looking for your next home, it comes down to the initial pull of a property, simply put ‘DO YOU LOVE IT?’
Unfortunately, at some point this can get lost in translation.
The purity and good intentions with which you start your search can get ground down, with all the misdirection and conflicting opinions of ‘experts’, family, friends and others.
Your search for your new home can get bent out of shape.

Briefing your agent…
1. I’m looking for something that ‘I love’.
2. Your job is to help me secure it for a price I’m happy to pay.
3. High Action Low Attachment (I will offer what I can afford and if doesn’t work I’ll move on).
4. I do not want to be trial-closed or closed or cajoled or pressured on a property I’m not interested in.
5. I am buying a property, I’m not an idiot, I can work the internet as well as anyone else and can see previous sale prices and trends.
6. I’d like transparent, helpful, impartial advice on why a property is ‘perfect for me’
7. Please do not blow smoke!!
If a property does not make you think ‘Yes This Is The One!!!!’ then don’t offer on it!
Unfortunately, there will be some compromise, my perfect property is a 4 bedroom home with a pool in Laguna Beach, CA with views of the Pacific Ocean from the deck.
Currently, this is not within my budget.
Just make sure the compromise is something you’re happy with for the next few years.

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