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MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK: How we stay strong and tackle stress and anxiety

MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK: How we stay strong and tackle stress and anxiety

As mental health awareness week draws to an end it is important to keep our awareness of the subject all year round. Here at Rubicon we have created an employment environment with a family philosophy at its epicentre where stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues can be openly discussed. Long term employment shown by, Laura our Accounts Manager, Paul our Sales Director, and Lucy our Lettings Manager collectively amounting to 28 years typifies this philosophy. Mental health affects everyone and should be talked about in the work place. #Mentalhealthweek

Working in any company/industry is bound to be stressful at times. Here at Rubicon HQ we have embodied a family philosophy across our employment structure that we are proud of and support. By creating this environment we would like to feel that mental health issues can be openly or privately spoken about when appropriate. As mental health week draws to an end some of our team have shared how they maybe deal with stressful or anxious time periods in and out of the work place.

Our Lettings manger, Lucy, deals with stress by swearing by her to-do lists. Lucy uses these to keep on top of her daily tasks and prevent her stress levels from rising. As well as this Lucy and Laura, our Accounts manager, have raised the importance of openly talking to their peers and colleagues and complement the ease in the office of openly talking about difficult issues.

Denis, our marketing manager, likes to use his lunch breaks to get outside and stay active. Denis highlights the importance of his walks and his use of the app headspace to control his stress and anxiety levels.

Importantly everyone deals with their work stress and anxiety differently and at Rubicon we respect this and collectively work together to combat our individual stressful issues.

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