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How to make your home office more comfortable

How to make your home office more comfortable

For many houses on the market today, home offices are slowly becoming less of an ‘added bonus’ and more of a ‘must-have.’

With more people working from home and spending more time indoors, a home office must be a calm, constructive, and comfortable place to work.


Invest in a comfortable chair

If you’re having trouble working in your home office, it’s possible that your chair is the source of your discomfort. Investing in a high-quality, ergonomic chair can make a huge difference in how supported and relaxed you feel during the day. You might even become more productive as a result of it.


Upgrade your desk

Another reason your home office isn’t feeling comfortable could be that you need to upgrade your desk space. If you have a small workstation that makes everything feel claustrophobic, it could be influencing how happy you are at work.

Upgrade to a larger desk that better suits your needs if you have the room. Make sure you select a model that is large enough to accommodate all of your critical gear.


Customise the Lighting

Is your home office too dark? Or too bright?

A good dosage of natural light is ideal for keeping you awake and productive in your home office. However, too much sunlight might make your screen glare, making it impossible to operate without squinting.

Investing in a pair of light-filtering curtains, day and night blinds or a good lamp can help tailor the lighting in your home office to suit your needs and make you feel more comfortable.

Maintain Consistent Temperatures

Being too hot or cold in your home office can have a significant impact on how comfortable you are. Temperature control can be difficult, especially if your home office is in a small room that gets hot or in an open-plan area that gets cold. However, the right temperature can make a big difference in how comfortable you are.


If you are looking for a house with optimal space for an office, we might have the property for you. Browse our available properties here.

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