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How to Avoid Pest Infestations of Your Property

How to Avoid Pest Infestations of Your Property

No matter how pests get into your home they have the potential to cause a lot of trouble for you and all the other people living around you. The best thing to do is to prevent their spread altogether.

Every property owner should do the following simple steps to prevent the spread of a pest infestation in their home. However, even if you do all the steps you cannot be absolutely sure that your home will remain pest free. Sometimes the organisms that infest our home are too tiny and well adapted for hiding, for us to see them.

In any case, prevention is key and the only thing you can do to make sure you don’t end up paying a lot of money to experts, so they can eliminate the infestation instead of you. Before potential preventive measures are considered one more thing is worth mentioning. In the UK there are several species that are considered pests. They are also animals that attack our homes regularly. Among those species are mice, rats, foxes, bees, wasps, flies, spiders, cockroaches, ants, and bedbugs.

Prevention Inside

Every living organism wants to find shelter and food, just like us. As this is their instinct, many pests like to get into our homes. This happens because our waste is their food and the main reason why they try so hard to get into our houses and flats. Therefore, it is every property owner’s responsibility to maintain a certain level of hygiene and pest control. Otherwise, you might end up paying a lot of money to get rid of the infestation that is plaguing you.

Since the situation is such, every homeowner should make a regular habit of cleaning their house. This is especially true when food is concerned and everything that you leave on the open is a potential meal for one of the pests mentioned above. Therefore, one of the best preventive measures is to regularly clean your home of food-waste and to put all the food you are not going to eat into separate containers where the animals can’t get to them.

Besides clearing all the food, it is very important that you maintain regular hygiene in your home. Many of the animals mentioned above like to reproduce in damp and dirty places so make sure you regularly disinfect all the surfaces you use.

Lastly, look for potential entrances the animals will use and patch them up. That includes small cracks on the window and holes on the floor. Also, some pests, like flies, can enter your home through your pets. So, you should control them as well just to be on the safe side. If an infestation does occur you should try and control it by yourself. Going to a local store that sells over the counter pest-control products is easy and usually helps you resolve the problem fast.

Prevention Outside

Now, before any of the mentioned animals make it inside, they need to enter your property. So, it is best to prevent infestations on the outside if you have the knowledge and resources. Below you will see some preventive measures you can apply to make the outside of your property a pest-free zone.

  1. When you are sitting outside, you can use citronella candles to help keep mosquitoes and wasps away from your property.
  2. Wood is the best home for beetles and termites so don’t keep many woodpiles around your house. Also, if you can, don’t use wood chips as mulch in your garden especially if the garden-patch is near the walls of your home.
  3. Make regular repairs on your roof and patch all the holes.
  4. Control the trees that surround your house and make sure they are not touching the walls or windows.
  5. Also, if you have a bird feeder consider using a tray because the food waste from them can attract rodents.



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